NIST Releases Blockchain Report for Business Beginners – CoinDesk

The National Institute of Standards and Technology – a non-regulatory agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce – has released an overview of blockchain technology, aimed to clarify the central characteristics of the technology, its limitations and common misconceptions. The document targets beginners to blockchain, specifically organizations considering adopting the technology, and those trying to move … Read more

A Haven for Blockchain: The Case for Wyoming – CoinDesk

Rep. Tyler Lindholm is a rancher in Sundance, Wyoming, and a Republican member of the Wyoming House of Representatives. Caitlin Long, a Wyoming native, is former chairman and president of Symbiont and a former managing director of Morgan Stanley. Wyoming is stepping up to welcome the blockchain community with open arms. A grassroots group, the … Read more

The Opportunity for Interoperable Chains of Chains – CoinDesk

Kyle Samani is co-founder and Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital, a thesis-driven crypto fund that invests exclusively in crypto assets. Today, blockchain interoperability is virtually non-existent. If you want to move value across chains, you must do so by moving tokens into a centralized exchange, trade on the exchange’s in-house ledger and then withdraw the … Read more

Numbers or Not, Coincheck Isn't Mt. Gox – CoinDesk

UPDATE (27, January 20:47 UTC): Coincheck has detailed its compensation policy for customers whose XEM was stolen. It will repay them 88.549 Japanese yen (about $0.81 U.S.) per stolen coin, out of its own funds, according to a Google translation of the exchange’s press release. With 523 million XEM taken, according to the latest estimate. … Read more