Former Thai Finance Minister Calls for Crypto Regulation – CoinDesk

A former finance minister of Thailand has voiced his support for new regulations around cryptocurrency trading and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Korn Chatikavanij previously served as the country’s finance minister between the end of 2008 and mid-2011. Now chairman of The Thai Fintech Association, a startup accelerator, he said in an interview last week that his organization … Read more

Making Sense of Crypto Asset Valuation Insanity – CoinDesk

Brendan Bernstein is a founding member of Tetras Capital Partners, LLC, an investment manager focused on investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets. Cryptocurrency investors are blind to the most important factor of any investment – valuation. Merely uttering the word “blockchain” has been a hypnotic weapon, sending investors into a trance where they clamor to … Read more

How XRP's Tech Differs from Other Crypto Assets – CoinDesk

Up, then down again. In times of volatility, it can seem like there really isn’t anything supporting public cryptocurrency networks. But that isn’t exactly the case. While they come in all shapes and sizes (so to speak), cryptocurrencies all use the same ingredients – peer-to-peer networking, private key cryptography and programming. XRP, perhaps the breakout … Read more