China's State Electricity Firm Eyes Blockchain to Decentralize Data Sharing – CoinDesk

China State Grid Corporation, the country’s state-owned electricity utility monopoly, is looking to blockchain technology to advance its plans for an “Internet of Energy.” In a patent application filed to the China State Intellectual Property Office in November last year and released last week, the energy giant has detailed its exploration of a blockchain-powered system … Read more

Bank-Backed Hyperledger Is Slowly Opening to ICOs – CoinDesk

While enterprises have generally been more conservative when it comes to cryptocurrency, one of the market’s key players, the Hyperledger consortium, appears to be opening its code to edgier pursuits. Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk this week, the Sovrin Foundation, creator of the Hyperledger Indy codebase for digital identity management (and a Hyperledger group member since 2016), intends to become one of … Read more

3.5 Million Traders: Japan Releases Domestic Cryptocurrency Statistics – CoinDesk

Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) has released domestic cryptocurrency trading statistics for the first time. According to data gathered from 17 cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, as of Mar. 31 this year, the country has at least 3.5 million individuals that are trading with cryptocurrencies as actual assets. Among them, crypto investors in their 20s, 30s … Read more

ICE CEO Won't 'Rule Out' Crypto Futures Launch – CoinDesk

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) won’t “rule out” cryptocurrency-based futures contracts. ICE chief executive Jeffrey Sprecher discussed the issue in an interview with Bloomberg TV Monday, saying it is “early days” for the asset class, but that he could not ignore the idea of cryptocurrency futures contracts. He kept his comments vague, not discussing any particular cryptocurrencies … Read more