Amber Baldet’s New Startup Is a Blockchain DApp Store – CoinDesk

Decentralized application development is harder than it should be. That’s the guiding framework behind Clovyr, a new startup launched by two former JPMorgan blockchain employees that seeks to provide a new layer of enterprise-driven services between blockchains and user-facing applications. Founded by CoinDesk’s “Most Influential” finalist Amber Baldet and cryptographer Patrick Mylund Nielsen, the mystery … Read more

Grappling With Crypto Miners' Existential Question: ASICs or GPUs? – CoinDesk

Cryptocurrencies use proof-of-work to maximize security. Or was it decentralization? Both of these goals are close to the hearts of the cryptocurrency community at large, but they’re especially important to the miners whose hardware rigs perform that proof-of-work: the power-hungry computations used to update the blockchains of bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, decentralization and … Read more