BBVA Issues $91 Million Loan Using Two Blockchains – CoinDesk

Spanish banking giant BBVA has completed a pilot that issued a €75 million ($91 million) corporate loan using two different blockchain technologies. According to a report from the Financial Times on Thursday, the bank’s latest exploration of the technology focuses on the entire issuance process, including negotiation of terms and signing the corporate loan. The … Read more

Samsung Sets Q1 Profit Record with Crypto Mining Boost – CoinDesk

Samsung Electronics has reported 58 percent year-on-year growth in its operating profits for Q1 2018 – an increase driven in part by strong demand for cryptocurrency mining chips. During a financial earnings call on Thursday, Robert M. Yi, Samsung’s executive vice president of investor relations, said the profitability increase seen in the firm’s semiconductor business played a significant … Read more

IBM Partners with Jewelry Industry on Hyperledger Supply Chain Project – CoinDesk

IBM is collaborating with jewelry industry leaders to create a cross-industry supply chain tracking platform, the tech giant announced on Thursday. Powered by a permissioned blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric, the TrustChain initiative will facilitate the tracking of diamonds and precious metals as they advance from mine to market. The consortium comprises a variety of … Read more